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‘Supper’ by GCU’s Silvana Cardell moves, motivates, inspires

Supper for All: Dance Director’s ‘Supper, People on the Move’ Explores Immigration Stories


IN SOME WAYS, SILVANA CARDELL’S story of her immigration experience would seem to be much simpler than that of some immigrants. Ms. Cardell’s journey to American citizenship wasn’t the type of odyssey one hears so much about these days of fleeing political or religious persecution. Ms. Cardell, who heads Georgian Court University’s dance program, came to this country to pursue opportunities as an artist. She’s been an American citizen since 2013.

Supper for All: Dance Director's 'Supper, People on the Move' Explores Immigration Stories   IN SOME WAYS, SILVANA...

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GCU Students ‘Sleep Out’ for Homelessness

(May 1, Lakewood, N.J.) —  When Covenant House President Kevin Ryan visited Georgian Court last year and spoke about the myriad problems associated with teen homelessness, GCU students did more than just listen.

They decided to sleep outdoors for a night as a show of support for the 2 million young people in the U.S. and Canada who run away or are kicked out of their homes each year and ultimately end up homeless and hungry.

“On Friday, May 2, Georgian Court students will be supplied with a cardboard box to sleep on overnight on the Great Lawn,” said David Schenck, a 19-year-old biology major from Manchester. “They are allowed to bring a blanket, but no pillow, as we really are trying to emphasize what it is truly like to be homeless.”

The effort is one of many affiliated with Covenant House, the largest provider of services to homeless and trafficked youth throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Also called a “solidarity sleep out,” the activity is intended to underscore the plight of homeless teens and their daily struggle for basic human rights.

The event, which will include only GCU students, begins with a 7 p.m. talk by Covenant House Ambassador Jennifer Williams of South Jersey. A candlelight vigil will be led by GCU Campus Ministry Director Jeff Schaeffer, followed by poetry readings and group discussions in the North Dining Room.

The evening concludes with GCU students sleeping on the Great Lawn. Participants are asking for donors to contribute resources—from money to toiletries to clothing—to help homeless teens.

“Every little bit helps, and even raising awareness will help this issue get the attention it deserves,” said David.

(May 1, Lakewood, N.J.) ---  When Covenant House President Kevin Ryan visited Georgian Court last year and spoke about t...

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Peace Walk Makes a Stop at Georgian Court

Peace Walk Participants — In Their Own Words


Thanks to Dr. Rumu DasGupta and Dr. Sachiko Komagata for the information assembled below.

It’s been a nearly a year since the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan also wrecked the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Now, months after the natural and man-made disasters killed and contaminated countless lives, what have we learned?

That’s just one of the issues that supporters of  the “No More Fukushimas Peace Walk” hope to raise as part of a multi-city event that makes a stop at Georgian Court on Friday evening, March 2 at 7 p.m. in the Little Theatre. The gathering, which includes presentations from GCU faculty and other participants, is free and open to the public.

The walkers include 10-15 Buddhist nuns and monks, eyewitnesses, and people  from all faith traditions who are being led by nun Jun Yasuda.  The Buddhists are from the Grafton Peace Pagoda east of Buffalo New York. The walk calls attention to the implications of the Fukushima nuclear plant to issues of nuclear power safety in the U.S., including in our own backyard at Oyster Creek Generating Plant in nearby Lacey Township.

Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant has the same design as the Fukushima Nuclear Plant whose disaster contaminated the land causing permanent displacement of 160,000 Japanese people,” supporters of the peace walk wrote in a press release. “The ‘No More Fukushimas Peace Walk,’ starting from Oyster Creek, will proceed to the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and end at the Vermont  Yankee Nuclear Power Plant to bring the message: ‘Shut Down Nuclear Power  Plants!'”

GCU hosts include Sisters of Mercy Mary Bilderback and Mary-Paula Cancienne, as well as GCU sociology professor Kasturi DasGupta, who can be reached at 732-987-2336. The co-sponsor is the Jersey Shore Nuclear Watch.

 Read more about the Peace Walk and take a stand at http://nomorefukushimaswalk.tumblr.com/.

Peace Walk Participants --- In Their Own Words   Thanks to Dr. Rumu DasGupta and Dr. Sachiko Komagata for the infor...

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