Georgian Court University is all about the business of celebrating faculty and student achievement. With our 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio, it’s no wonder that some of our best work stems from the successful research done in our classrooms. Similarly, our esteemed faculty members contribute to their disciplines in myriad ways—through discovery, by adding new knowledge to their fields, and in partnering with industry to advance old ideas in new ways. Here, GCU Magazine showcases some of accolades of our talented faculty and students.

Faculty Focus

Year after year, GCU faculty members conduct research, present international discussions, and are honored for their achievements. Some of them are captured in Faculty Focus, a 30-page publication created by the Office of the Provost and GCU Creative Specialist Edyta Kuciapa.

“Opening the Gates to Scholarship and Creativity,” crafted with input from Roxanne Zygmund (now a member of the Office of Mission Integration), evokes the seriousness of scholarship and borrows visual inspiration from antique maps and old world journals—all designed to reflect the limitless possibilities that stem from our professors’ work in their fields and with their students.

Download Faculty Focus  to read more.

Room at the Table

GCU Director of Dance Silvana Cardell was awarded a $72,000 grant by the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage for her original work, Supper: People on the the Move. The performance explores some of the difficulties associated with immigration. “I teach by example and to continue my practice as a choreographer not only feeds my soul but also serves my students and the community where I work by creating new pathways and possibilities for all,” says Ms. Cardell. “Supper, People on the Move  answers questions about immigration, a critical concern around the world, placing the body at the center and as a recipient of all our experiences.”


Dr. Kasturi Dasgupta, Professor of Sociology

The Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey this year invited Dr. Dasgupta to be the keynote speaker for its annual Poverty Summit, an event which draws policymakers, advocates, faith-based groups and concerned individuals together to address poverty’s causes and consequences. The conference theme for 2014, in a nod to the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty, was Winning the War on Poverty: Changing Attitudes, Changing Laws, Changing Lives.

Dr. Bob Louden, Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Bob Louden recently published an article in the American Journal of Disaster Medicine. “Active shooter in the emergency department: A scenario-based training approach for healthcare workers” was published by Dr. Louden and authors Kotora, J., Clancy T., Manson, T., Malik V., and Merlin, M. Dr. Louden also contributed three entries on Eleanor Bumpurs, Larry Davis and the Streetwise Project to “African Americans and Criminal Justice: An Encyclopedia” (Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood) and an entry on hostage negotiation to the Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics (SAGE Publications, Inc., August 2014)

Dr. Eduard Bitto, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Dr. Eduard Bitto and some of his students published a paper in the peer-reviewed Journal of Molecular Biology. The full citation references Christina L. Grobosky, Jennifer B. Lopez, SarahBeth Rennie, Dionysus J. Skopelitis, Amanda T. Wiest, Craig A. Bingman, Eduard Bitto: “Structural Basis of Substrate Specificity and Selectivity of Murine Cytosolic 5´-Nucleotidase III.” Four of the co-authors (Grobosky, Lopez, Rennie and Skopelitis) are recent graduates from GCU’s chemistry, biochemistry and biology programs. Their work was done nearly entirely at GCU and represents a result of three and half years of research, which was supported by funding via a GCU Summer Research Grant ($5,000, summer 2009) and a grant from Research Corporation for Science Advancement ($45,000 including a $10,000 GCU match, July 2010– June 2013).

“Together with the paper, we deposited coordinates of the macromolecule we work on into Protein Databank, a publicly available repository for structural information of macromolecules,” said Dr. Bitto. Scientists worldwide will have access to their work at The Protein Data Bank, an international repository that logs and examines the molecules of life, including proteins and nucleic acids. Publication of the group’s research follows the 2012 presentation that Christina Grobosky did at the 57th Annual Meeting of New Jersey Academy of Science meeting at Seton Hall University.

Dr. Teri Wurmser & Dr. Jane Bliss-Holtz, GCU-Meridian Health School of Nursing

Dr. Wurmser and Dr. Bliss-Holtz were featured in the New Jersey Nursing Initaitives’ Spring 2013 e-newsletter following a presentation of their innovative work with GCU nursing students and those from Robert Wood Johnson medical residency program. (From NJNI.org) — In the Georgian Court/Meridian simulation project, students in the five-year-old nursing program worked alongside medical students to build interprofessional collaboration skills. The effort was successful, although the dynamic could be challenging. At times, “nursing students would defer to medical students, who had less experience than they did,” said Teri Wurmser, PhD, MPH, RN, NEA-BC, chair of the Georgian Court-Meridian Health School of Nursing. By the end of the project, outcomes and feedback encouraged its leaders to explore additional opportunities for interprofessional curriculum planning and for learning activities that engage students from different health care disciplines. Read more at: http://www.njni.org/sites/default/files/Wursmer%20&%20Bliss%20RWJ_Powerpoint_FINAL.pdf