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Science and Spirit Meet at Georgian Court’s ‘Nurturing the Planet’

Speakers Gerry Gavin, Sachiko Komagata and Rich Braconi discussed issues from holistic health and self-healing to angels and the power of positive energy.

Dozens of participants recently turned out at Georgian Court University for “Nurturing the Planet through Energy, Spirituality and Self-Improvement,” a four-hour symposium exploring the connections between science, spirituality and wellness.

“It is a provocative topic,” said Siobahn Hutchinson, owner of Next Step Strategies, LLC, and a graduate of Georgian Court University’s holistic health graduate program, sponsor of the symposium. “With all the uncertainty in today’s world, many people seem to question what they believed to be true,” she said. “There is also a common theme among the event’s speakers that seems to resonate: Everyone has natural gifts.

Presented at the Great Hall of the historic mansion at Georgian Court, the June 16 program featured three speakers, who addressed a sold out audience.

Retired police detective Rich Braconi shared his experience of “seeing” physical ailments in people’s bodies. Mr. Braconi, a self-taught medical intuitive, said that on one occasion it appeared that a friend’s veins were bursting from his leg. After sharing what he “saw,” the friend visited a doctor and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Today, some five years later, he is regularly consulted for assistance in medical intuition and his abilities have grown to also include spiritual communication.

Participants also heard from Sachiko Komagata, PT, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the GCU Department of  Holistic Health and Exercise Science at GCU. The university offers a graduate degree in holistic health studies and this fall will launch its new 100 percent online master’s program. To date, students from as far away as Utah and Vermont have enrolled in the courses taught by professors based at the Georgian Court campus in Lakewood, N.J.

As part of the symposium, Dr. Komagata discussed the scientific literature surrounding energy and spiritually and shared studies that  validate the healing power of prayer and energy medicine techniques that are now accepted and performed by major medical institutions. Dr. Komagata even discussed the growing body/mind/spirit study of Noetic Science.

Lastly, Gerry Gavin, the author of the recently released Balboa Press/Hay House book, “Messages from Margaret,” spoke about his journey from “skeptic to psychic.”

From his experience of living in a haunted house to how he learned to communicate with the angel Margaret—whom he said he channeled as he wrote the book—Mr. Gavin stressed that everyone has the ability to communicate with angels.

The author performed a live demonstration of how sending love and prayer affects energy, taught the group a quick one minute meditation to balance emotions and left the group with several recommendations for elevating personal energy, which in turn nurtures the planet.

The program was created by Siobhan Hutchinson, who runs Next Step Strategies, LLC (, which helps people understand the body’s natural healing

abilities. She also offers educational and healing programs throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania and promotes public awareness of holistic health programs and providers.

Dozens of participants recently turned out at Georgian Court University for "Nurturing the Planet through Energy, Spirit...

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